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Saturday, Nov 24 2012 12:43 AM

My Mobile Life: Carlos Navarro

Compiled by Hillary Haenes Photos by Henry A. Barrios

As general manager of one of the largest hotels in Bakersfield, Carlos Navarro depends on his Galaxy SIII smartphone a lot. There are many major local events that take place at the Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center, and Navarro stays organized with the help of various applications, including Microsoft Outlook.

His cellphone acts as a mini computer, he joked, and has replaced his PC. When he's not at his desk, Navarro does most of his work with his phone.

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Carlos Navarro, general manager at the Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center.

Henry A. Barrios / The Californian Carlos Navarro, GM at the Bakersfield Marriott Hotel.

"It's sad to think I depend so much on my telephone," Navarro said. "Microsoft Outlook is my lifeline to know at all times how the hotel is doing -- daily reports, reminders, VIP arrivals, groups coming to the hotel, occupancy numbers. And it's an important way to communicate with the rest of my team."

His phone comes in handy in his personal life, too. He takes lots of pictures, checks for updates on his favorite sports teams and keeps his little ones entertained with their favorite games.

I stay in constant contact with my team, as well as guests who reach out to me. I also use it to monitor various aspects of the hotel.

This is the second most used app on my phone. It’s important to stay organized with appointment and deadlines reminders as well as birthdays.

This is becoming a greatly used app for my daily list of reminders. When I have to take notes at a meeting, I rarely write down anything — I simply just type them into a note. Also, I add to my grocery list of items we may need at home.

This app allows me to make quick reservations at many Marriotts when I travel. I am also able to make reservations for friends who often ask me for a discount when they travel.

Hotel Management
In my industry, it’s very important to stay up to date with new changes, and I enjoy reading what the competitors do to stay current.

As a professional, I look to friends for advice in decision-making, as well as what has worked for them to be successful.

NFL Mobile
It’s football season!

ESPN ScoreCenter
I’m often unable to watch every game. It has been great to keep up with scores at the end of the day and see news on how my team performed.

NBA Game Time
I know the season just started, and my Lakers are getting used to working with each other; plus their defense is not where it can be. I remain hopeful they will turn it around soon and once again be championship contenders.

Wells Fargo
Managing investments and finances is very important to do on a daily basis. With this app, I can make sure my accounts are balanced and bills are taken care of without having to write a single check.

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