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Friday, Dec 28 2012 12:18 AM

My Mobile Life: Therese Dozier

Compiled by Hillary Haenes

For event and party planning, having a reliable cellphone is crucial, especially when operating your own business. Therese Dozier, 35, owner of My Sorted Affair Floral and Event Design, uses her iPhone to communicate with brides and keep up with the latest trends in her industry.

Social media is a way to stay connected to clients and family, she said.

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Therese Dozier of My Sorted Affair

"I use My Sorted Affair's Facebook page to keep fans updated on our events and give them ideas when planning special life events like weddings, anniversaries and other important social events," Dozier said.

She also uses Twitter to chat with her industry friends as well as to learn important information she can use to help her brides have the day of their dreams.

Twitter helps me to stay abreast of the latest blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers. I also use Twitter to answer questions from clients, or prospective clients, about our services. It’s quick and a great way to stay connected in a fun way.

I use this for both my personal and business life to take pictures of my family (my little ones in particular), and anything else I find beautiful. I love capturing that moment that no one else sees at an event with my phone — that stolen kiss or that quiet happy tear! I love those moments.

This is also one of my faves. I use it for inspiration for my design as well as for some wedding supplies and that impromptu shopping excursion.

School of Fish and Tetris
These games are for the kiddies. It keeps them busy when we have to be somewhere that’s past their expiration date.

I use this app mostly when working and playing in Los Angeles or New York City. I can put in any food, and it will show me at least 15 restaurants close to my current location, complete with pricing, rating and phone number, should I need to make a reservation.

Great Clips
This app is what I use to check-in online so I don’t have to wait long to get a haircut. It’s hard to squeeze that in sometimes, so this helps a lot.

It’s an awesome file-sharing cloud that allows me to send large files. My clients appreciate it, as do other professionals who I work with, because we can send documents and pictures and share folders. It’s a must for wedding planning.

Lose It
This is a great app for journaling your weight-loss journey, keeping track of your weight and entering your daily food log.

I use it to get my creative juices flowing. When I am looking to get inspired by a particular outfit or journalistic photograph, I flip through Pinterest for a mini vacation and to find my muse.

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