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Friday, Jan 25 2013 12:17 AM

My Mobile Life: Heidi Gray

Compiled by Hillary Haenes

Heidi Gray has been selling homes since 2003. Being a Realtor and broker associate at Miramar International Inc. means having a career where she's constantly on the go and using her cellphone. Gray, 33, uses her Facebook account on a daily basis for both business and personal matters. She's gotten several leads off of Facebook to help people buy and sell homes. Usually, Gray said, she will have four to eight different texting conversations going at any given moment. She also has several apps on her iPhone she uses while out on the job and also at home for her kids who use apps for their math and science homework.


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Heidi Gray

This is used to keep track of my mileage, lunches and dinners, or other category I need for business purposes. When I leave my house, I enter the beginning mileage and then when I get home, I enter my ending mileage for the day. It then totals how much of a deduction I will get for that particular trip on my taxes. It separates the logs by my clients. If I am out showing houses and we stop for lunch, I can add that expense in this app under a specific client and can take a picture of the receipt.

Mortgage Calculator

This app is used to help give my clients a rough idea of what their mortgage payment could be at different price ranges.


I use the camera on my phone when I am at a listing appointment, or if I am out showing houses, and there is an issue with something at the property. I can take a picture and send it to the listing agent, so they can see exactly what is wrong. I also use the camera for personal use, including for vacations and birthday parties.


I use this to pull MLS listings. That way if I am out showing homes to my clients, and we drive by one not on our list, I can pull the information right then and there.


This helps me to get to different locations.


This remote access and remote desktop software is used if I go out of town, or I am out showing homes and need to access my home computer.

The Love Dare: Reminders

It gives me daily reminders of how to be a better wife, mother, friend and worker. It gives me scriptures and ideas on how to be more patient, how to forgive and learn from the past, as well as tips on how to make relationships stronger.


I use this app weekly to find out what song is playing on the radio or to find lyrics to songs.


To keep track of what is on my card or to locate a Starbucks if I am in a new area.


I use this to look up what movies are playing, what time movies are playing at different locations in Bakersfield, and what the reviews and ratings are.



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