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Friday, Jan 25 2013 12:43 AM

25 random things I didn't know about ... Carol Rodgers

Compiled by Hillary Haenes

Carol Rodgers and her husband, Tom, have owned a few Hallmark stores since 1976. They owned two stores in Arkansas and one in Oklahoma, before permanently moving to Bakersfield in 1983. Tom worked as an accounting manager with Texaco when they moved to Bakersfield in 1980, for a one-year job assignment. The couple loved it so much, Tom asked Texaco for a permanent position.

So three years later, a position opened up and the Rodgers officially became Bakersfield residents. In 1987, they opened Bobbi's Hallmark with friends, Bob and Bobbi Williams (thus the name "Bobbi's"). After a few years, the Williams decided to retire, and the Rodgers became sole owners of the gift store.

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Carol Rodgers owns and operates Bobbi's Hallmark.

"I love the diversity of the business," Carol, 68, said. "It's exciting to shop the markets for the perfect home decor or wonderful gifts."

1 I love the color blue.

2 I have three daughters, and they are all five years apart in age.

3 I was born in San Luis Obispo, but moved to Oklahoma at three months old. Now you understand the accent.

4 I graduated from a very small high school. There were 65 in the entire school, and 13 in my graduating class. But I loved every minute of it.

5 I love my iPad! It has opened up a whole new world to me. I am fascinated with Google Earth, taking pictures and Ustream. I can watch my grandson play baseball live for the Cal State Fullerton Titans, and I find Djuma Waterhole Cam so interesting.

6 Favorite restaurant: Sorella Italian Ristorante. I order the chicken marsala -- yum!

7 Best concert ever: Celine Dion in Vegas. Most concerts are not as good as the artist's recordings, but hers was so good. The stage settings and her sharing with the audience made it so memorable.

8 Favorite getaway spot is Hume Lake. I love to take a picnic lunch and sit by the lake, read a book, enjoy the quiet and fish if the fish are biting. Otherwise, I read and relax.

9 I enjoy small group Bible studies.

10 My favorite movie is "Dances With Wolves." I'm a big history buff. I love movies that bring periods of history to life.

11 I have a chocolate Lab, and her name is Rylee.

12 I have five grandchildren and one great-grandson. One is entering nursing school in the spring, one is getting married in the summer, one plays shortstop for the Fullerton Titans, one really enjoys motocross dirt biking, and one is an awesome soccer player for the Bakersfield Roadrunners club soccer team.

13 I love Splash Cafe in Pismo. I always need my clam chowder bowl. It is just my go-to place when I can be at the beach.

14 My biggest pet peeve is the postcard-size advertisements between the pages of magazines. I rip them out before I can enjoy the magazine.

15 My favorite singing groups are Selah and Casting Crowns.

16 I love to spend time at home cleaning out closets, cooking some comfort food for dinner, and just enjoying my surroundings for the day.

17 After 14 years of marriage, our youngest daughter and her husband are expecting their first child in May.

18 I enjoy spontaneous road trips. We have made a couple of car trips to Chicago and back, and of course, trips to Oklahoma to visit family and friends. I love traveling with no agenda in mind, just enjoying the scenery and stopping when we want to.

19 I love teenagers. I love talking to them and getting their perspectives on life.

20 My favorite drink is Diet Dr Pepper.

21 I'm afraid of heights and have a hard time visiting the Grand Canyon.

22 I love reading business trade magazines.

23 I enjoy Sunday mornings at church and taking an afternoon nap.

24 One of my granddaughters is getting married in June. Lots of planning to do!

25 My most treasured relationships are with God and my family.

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