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Faces of Philanthropy: Couple says "I Do" to each other and to giving back

By Jeff Pickering
Friday, Nov 28 2014 12:56 AM

New blender, $50. New toaster, $50. New set of steak knives, $50. All standard items on many bridal registries, but not the material possessions that Justin Leland and Carrie Acosta wanted to ask their wedding guests to spend money on.

Instead of a bridal registry, Justin and Carrie asked wedding guests to make contributions to a charitable fund they will use to support the causes they care about. As part of their wedding plans, the couple established the Justin and Carrie Leland Charitable Fund at Kern Community Foundation.

"Justin and I are not the type of people who enjoy being the center of attention," said Carrie, as she shares plans for the couple's intimate, laid-back Nov. 15 wedding. "We certainly did not want our family and...

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