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All-State Athlete: Tyler Williams

By Stephen Lynch
Friday, Jul 25 2014 12:43 AM

Tyler Williams' racing career path has taken some major twists and turns since it began 15 years ago. Once an aspiring race car driver, the 20-year old from Bakersfield is now one of the top amateur cyclists in the world.

Last month Williams, a U.S. National Team member, took fourth place in the U23 division at the USA Cycling Amateur & Para-cycling Road Nationals.

Williams raced cars, mainly go-carts, from the age of 5 until he was 14. Soon afterward, he bought a road bike and began competitive cycling.

"I was getting burnt out (on racing cars)," Williams said. "I was equally as good at that as I am at racing a bike, but there's a financial aspect of that. You can really only go so far without having tons of money to spend."

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