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Power Couple: Toure and Rolanda Tyler

Compiled by Bakersfield Life
Friday, Mar 27 2015 12:13 PM

Local pastors Toure' and Rolanda Tyler first met on a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago on Christmas Eve 1995. The rest of their story is something that they agree could be turned into a movie. These days, the couple has a heart for sharing the Gospel at The Cross Christian Church and serving their community with the food bank they host, TLC (Turkey, Love and Clothes), every Thanksgiving.

For the Tylers, faith and family are the most important things in life. The pair has two children, Zoe, 9, and Houston, 5, who love getting involved with the ministry as well.

Bakersfield Life: How did the two of you meet? Rolanda: I was heading back to Bakersfield from Chicago, where I was visiting family, and Toure' was leaving Chicago heading...

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