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Bakersfield Matters: Tailing Bakersfield's most powerful man

By Lisa Kimble
Friday, Dec 26 2014 12:50 AM

It had been years since Kevin McCarthy found himself in the principal's office. His last visit came during his Washington Junior High School days when he lobbed a water balloon at the band instructor.

But on a recent Friday afternoon, there he sat in Principal Abraham Rivera's office at Noble Elementary School, McCarthy's alma mater, giving Rivera the lay of the land as he remembered it back in the 1970s, probably before Rivera was born.

McCarthy is a household name locally, and his life is pretty much an open book. From the art gallery owner to the former D.C. intern, it seems just about everyone has a McCarthy story. I'd worked with McCarthy on numerous occasions over the years while covering his boss, former Rep. William "Bill"...

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