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Health and Wellness: Educational theater helps local students thrive

By Kristin Weber
Friday, Oct 24 2014 12:58 AM

Imagine that you just started junior high school (yes, those awkward adolescent years), and you are trying to find your voice and discover who you are. Those aren't always the easiest times in a young person's life. Often times, some young students find themselves experiencing some level of bullying, whether it occurs online, via gossip and rumors, or physical bullying. According to the 2014 Kern County Network for Children Report Card, Kern County youth are bullied or harassed predominately at school. Bullying is at its highest in Kern County middle schools, where its prevalence is 43 percent in seventh grade.

Although reports of bullying decline among older students, it is still relatively high at 34 percent in ninth grade and 29...

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