Pastimes: Local families stock with pantries with staples they made and raised themselves

By Kelly Damian
Friday, Mar 28 2014 01:11 AM

It's no secret that we live in the age of convenience. All of our household necessities are produced, processed, packaged and then delivered to the corner store where we can buy them at almost any hour of the day at reasonable prices. It is all remarkably easy for the consumer, but amid this ease, is something lost?

Meet three Bakersfield families who have opted out of the world of maximum convenience and instead take the time and effort to grow, process or make their own household goods.

  Kitchen Canning "We live in one of the richest valleys in the world," said Peggy Dewane-Pope. "You've got to take advantage of all that good food."

And take advantage of it she does, by canning everything from salsa to pluot jelly. She started...

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