On the Road: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

By Olivia GarciaPhotos by Michael Lopez
Wednesday, Dec 10 2014 12:24 AM

I'm no Matthew McConaughey, but I did get a chance to test drive a 2015 Lincoln Navigator, and there is a lot to be shared. Many of us have all seen or heard of Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln ads, or possibly the spoofs that have followed, generating quite a marketing buzz for the MKC model. Even my 16-year-old quickly made the connection when he saw the Navigator parked outside our home, filling in his brother on the McConaughey connection. My entertainment-hip teen even quipped that the Navigator would make one heck of a transformer.

But if I were picked for a commercial for the eight-passenger Lincoln Navigator, I would talk about how this fearless, luxury SUV has raised the bar for safety, class and power.

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