In My Closet: Betty Byrom

By Hillary Haenes
Friday, Aug 29 2014 12:29 AM

Working hard as a real estate broker and owner of People Realty, Inc. for 38 years, Betty Byrom has certainly earned her luxurious lifestyle. Four years ago, she and her husband, Stanley, sold their 17,000-square-foot mansion and downsized to a smaller home with a master bedroom closet, measuring a spacious 500 square feet alone.

The Byroms have been married for 57 years and had four sons together. Because Betty has always been outnumbered by boys, Stan recognized the need for his wife to have her own special place in their home. Ever since then, Betty has had a big closet.

At 73 years old, Betty is still as sassy as ever, and this five-foot-two petite lady still wears heels daily. Crystal chandeliers illuminate more than 200 pairs of...

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