Feature: How does your garden grow?

By Diana GreenleePhotos by Mark Nessia
Friday, Mar 27 2015 12:03 AM

T his time of year, the formidable Bakersfield sun takes on a gentle glow, and folks can enjoy a crisp breeze. It's time to roam outside and start planting your garden.

Bakersfield is an agricultural mecca. Robby's Nursery manager Kathy Robinson said you'd be hard-pressed to find vegetables or fruits that won't grow in the Golden State.

"We grow practically everything in California," she said. Planning and soil preparation are vital first steps for any successful garden. Robinson says potted plants need only fertilizer and potting soil, such as Kellogg's, but for in-ground planting, it's best to go with a 50-50 mix of mulch and native soil.

Eric White, White Forest Nursery vice president of marketing, recommends Harvest Supreme...

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