Bakersfield Gives: Community worker's legacy lives on in legion of little libraries

By Melissa Peaker-Whitten
Friday, Nov 28 2014 12:13 AM

Susan Reep, a retired teacher, had always wanted a little library of her own to share books with her community. But when she decided to create one in memory of her dear friend Wendy Wayne, she had no idea just how far the simple act would reach.

"I started the project officially on Nov. 28, 2012 after losing my best friend Wendy Wayne to cancer," Reep said. "It was a way to honor her memory by doing something meaningful, since her life was about community service. She always said that when you commit to something bigger than yourself, you gain far more than you give. And, of course, she was right."

Before she started the endeavor, Reep spoke to the founders of the Little Free Library organization in Wisconsin, explaining that she...

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