Shop Talk: Car care tips for managing your maintenance and repairs

By Kevin McCloskey
Friday, Oct 24 2014 12:46 AM

For most of us, dealing with an unexpected auto repair is never a fun experience, and they are always unexpected. Tires don't go flat on a lazy Saturday as you're passing your favorite local tire store. They go flat when you are on the freeway with only five minutes left to pick up your child from day care. Cars don't overheat as you are pulling into the dealership to test drive that new model you've got your eye on; it happens when you're third-deep at the drive-thru window trying to make it back to work before 1 o'clock.

Regular maintenance by a good mechanic is the best way to avoid these disastrous situations. A good mechanic will spot that nail you ran over while he is rotating your tires. A good mechanic will see that worn...

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