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Friday, Dec 28 2012 12:03 AM

Inside Story: Dagny's Coffee Company

Compiled by Gabriel Ramirez


"My wife and I bought Dagny's in April of 2007, after I retired from Albertsons supermarkets after 30 years. Jackie, my wife, recently retired from the Tehachapi Unified School District and works at Dagny's several days a week," said owner Mike Walters. "We are the fourth owners of Dagny's in its 17-year history."

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The Californian, a chocolate chip cookie, and a mocha rosetta at Dagny's Coffee Co. Life is good.

Dagny's Coffee Co. at the corner of 20th and Eye streets.

An Americano is one of the many favorites at Dagny's.

Wesley Sims enjoys Dagny's comfortable surroundings.

Serving it hot in the winter:

* During the winter months, Dagny's normally serves 250 hot coffee drinks and 50 hot tea drinks per day versus 100-plus during the summer months.

* While mocha (chocolate) is always the favorite hot coffee additive during the holiday season, Dagny's sells many hot drinks with peppermint, hazelnut, gingerbread, Irish mint and pumpkin as the additive.

* During the fall and summer months, Dagny's sells many cappuccinos, mochas and lattes. Another favorite for the downtown crowd are the old-fashioned espressos and macchiatos.

Dagny's facts:

* Dagny's was named after the character Dagny in "Atlas Shrugged."

* Many of Dagny's current customers have worked at Dagny's in the past.

* All of Dagny's coffees and teas are prepared from 100 percent natural whole beans and leaves.

* Come in almost any afternoon and you're sure to see Bakersfield's own "Superman" -- a regular customer who dresses like the superhero.

* Dagny's has one of the largest selections of tea leaves in the Bakersfield area.

* Dagny's teams up with Bord A Petite catering company to serve fresh-made sandwiches and salads every day.

* All of the whipped cream used at Dagny's is made daily.

* Dagny's recently teamed up with The Apple Shed in Tehachapi to offer a large selection of their daily fresh baked pastries.

* Dagny's sells beer and wine, and has recently doubled its beer selection.

* Look for a new Dagny's to open soon in Tehachapi.

* In October 2008, Dagny's partnered with the Kern County Network for Children to open the Dream Center & Coffee House, at 1212 18th St. In collaboration with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office, it employs only emancipated foster youth at the Dream Center.

Source: Mike Walters, Dagny's Coffee Co. owner

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