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Food and Wine: Kern locals, transplants pour their hearts into the local wine business

By Miranda Whitworth
Friday, Jul 25 2014 12:40 AM

The days are sunny and hot, the nights are cool and dry, and the grapes are thriving on the vine. In the distance, a villa stands guard over an estate, inside wine is being poured, tasted and enjoyed. It feels like a scene from an Italian romance novel but look a little closer. This isn't Tuscany, it's Tehachapi, and those Vespas have California license plates.

While the wine country of Italy is on the other side of the globe, Kern County residents are making vino their business. Whether they are Bakersfield natives with second homes in Paso Robles or transplants from the southland who have rolled the dice on grapes and Tehachapi, vineyard culture is growing in our own backyard, and the weather has a lot to do with its success.

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