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Dining Divas: Old River Grill

By Bakersfield Life
Friday, Oct 24 2014 12:42 AM

At every concert, there are three essential elements at play: the artists, the music, and the audience. A well-prepared meal can be much like a good concert: skilled artisans in the kitchen, expertly crafted masterpieces, and culinary aficionados ready with appreciative applause. This past year, five women with personalities as distinct as their palates had the good fortune of putting into prose all the inviting tastes they experienced as the reigning Dining Divas. The festive foodies feasted at eight fine restaurants that served up a grand concerto of dishes, which made their taste buds sing.

For their final adventure, Amanda, Aryana, Nina, Norma, and Tanya paid a visit to Old River Grill, a place that personifies Kern County....

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