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Food and Wine: Ode to the Latte

By Katelynn Camp and Allison EscobarPhotos by Mark Nessia
Friday, Mar 27 2015 12:03 AM

*Bakersfield Life would like to thank the friendly, knowledgeable baristas at Dagny's Coffee Company who enlightened us uneducated coffee drinkers on the making of a perfect latte.

Hardcore, straight-black coffee drinkers say the latte is a froo-froo drink. We take offense. True, there is a considerable amount of milk added to the espresso shot -- we'll give latte-haters that -- but, creating a good latte requires a deft hand that can delicately balance an espresso shot with just enough flavored syrup, steamed milk and thin layer of foam. True latte artists can even create swirling images within the light and dark shades of a latte's espresso/milk mix. We see the latte as a sophisticated upgrade to the regular ol' "cup o' joe."

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