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Dining Divas: Chalet Basque

Compiled by Bakersfield Life / Photos by Greg Nichols
Friday, Dec 26 2014 12:02 AM

Stepping into Chalet Basque is like stepping into old world Kern County. Everything from the richly colored decor, with images of Bakersfield's past adorning the walls, to the ornate ceiling tiles paint a picture of just how long this restaurant has been serving Bakersfield diners. One of a handful of Basque restaurants in town, Chalet Basque distinguishes itself with an enjoyable combination of incredible food, luxurious surroundings and an lively owner.

All one has to do is meet Chalet Basque owner Lisa Liu to know that this is no ordinary Basque restaurant. A transplant from Beijing, Lisa has taken the old world charm of her Basque restaurant and infused it with the family-style dining tradition common in both Basque and Chinese...

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